10 mistakes we have done in web design

The 10 worst crimes of web designers and developers

1. Comical page titles with special characters
2. Misterious links with non-saying labels
3. Crazy JavaScript navigation
4. Headlines without headline tag h1-h6 but with DIVs and SPANs
5. Bizarre URL
structure 6. Re-type font and size
7. Each page has The same title
8. Multiple
unnecessary meta tags 9. Infinitely many keyword meta tags
10. From one page to the next, to the next, to the next …

Here is the whole article in English .

11 Responses to “The 10 Worst Crimes of Web Designers and Developers”

  • Martin OppitzI have a question about point 4.

    So I include my paragraphs in DIVs and the titles in H3. I would be interested in a more detailed description of this argument.

    And to item 10.

    The visitor goes from one side to the next, to the next, and so on. It is good if the visitor recognizes a clear navigation structure and Step4Step is guided by the content. Again, a more detailed description would interest me.

    Many Thanks.


  • nobodyPoint-2: Misterious => (Word) -Origin? Mist (manure)? Or Mystery?:-)
  • LibertinesI find a very important point is missing and indeed the color choice of websites 🙂
  • VisiongraphixThe best reason for point 4 is semantically correct HTML. Also paragraphs in DIVs to pack (thus instead of p-tag) is already faulty. While validating the site, the semantics are lost.
  • SaladinYes I can only agree that are really a handful of the worst crime :-)
  • Webdesign OeldeYou also get the “Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design” by Jakob Nielsen.
    It’s a pity that some people do not pay attention to the simplest things!
  • Webdesign BerlinI noticed on some websites that the webmasters still work with frames. Simply terrible! The topic “frames” should already be a thing of the past.
  • Webdesigner Sünden Source xHTML Webdesign Frankfurt and web programming[…] Felix Wunderwald writes about the sins of a web designer in his blog. Very interesting and super for the self-test! […]
  • ChristianBut what is still missing, are Webdesigner and Co, so can be called now times times each of your pages with a template which is still 1000 times used in 10 minutes tinker and then wonder about the result.
  • gamblerPoints 8 and 9 are probably the most important, especially if you know that nowadays meta tags like keywords and description are (almost) nothing more worth.
  • Business WebdesignGood tips, but the color combinations, which should not be used, are unfortunately not listed here.