17 years in web design and we are still learning

For two years, we have been writing quite irregularly in this blog about web design and usability. Meanwhile, SEO has also mixed in between. Happy Birthday to this domain.

What do you want to read in the future?
Which topics are of interest to you?

  • HeikoContinue as before.
    Is always interesting.
  • Don GandiI know this blog not so long, but would like to read a little more often what new :-).
  • ff-webdesignerI am interested in the topic of usability:
    accessibility, comprehensibility, intuitive user guidance.
    And I would also be interested in psychological aspects
    (eg from media psychology)
  • crazygumsI find everything super, what you write.
    I am always looking for tips on
    how to combine functionality and
    aesthetics optimally, eg
    for online applications.
  • bcp designMy opinion could be a little AJAX with purely ;) – otherwise, really good information!
  • Webdesign OeldeI would be more interested in “Mobile”. Definitely a topic with a future and not unimportant for us web designers.;)
  • cheap flightsI would just stay mine! Superblog with challenging and interesting topics. I leave it to you simply times which new rubrics under circumstances could be eingepfassen, because in my opinion you have so far always a great choice!;-)
  • Webdesign BerlinI would be very grateful if you would post something about “Ruby on Rails” would be.

    Otherwise, I find this blog very informative. Keep it up!

  • MichaelI think that the topic usability is the most interesting and therefore I would like to read it often ;-)
  • Uli thielI would also like to read reports from trade fairs or trade fairs from your region.
    I have grad in my blog reported 2 days “Internetworld fair” and was amazed at the interest of contacts from my XING network, who have read this.

    I do not come to events in the German north, so I would be interested in insiderinfos.

  • Uli thielSorry – han forget the URL of my blog, if someone would like to see the 2 articles on Internetworld:
  • Webdesign nürnbergCongratulation! Over 2 years of interesting content design is really a performance. I would be happy about occasional posts on the subject of CMS systems like joomla, typo or drupal ….
  • Webdesign magdeburgWell, the sporadic remains, when I look at the data of the last post. ;-)
  • Antonio KrämerWow, two years, that’s been a long time. I find it good that you go through something. I might start blogging, but more about sports.
  • Traudel KramerSo I can only pull my hat. Congratulations.
  • CostaHmm .. can times explain to me why mobile be important for webdesigner? I know it is unfortunately not so good out.But the idea specifically about cms systems to write I find interesting. Especially for Drupal are too few bloggers to write about it .. otherwise, of course, always grateful for any published important and correct information
  • Miwag – Michael WagnerI would find articles about SEO and usability interresant.
  • Miwag – Michael Wagner@ Costa: >> hmm .. can times explain to me why mobile is important for webdesigner? <<
    Todayadays (almost) everyone has a mobile phone with Internet access, which is more and more used. If your website is displayed there too, you already have a few customers.
  • Webdesign Programming NiederösterreichCongratulations :) Super thing! Looking forward to more numerous up2date articles that drive our pages forward. Best regards!
  • KlausI also congratulate. Keep up the good work, I’m always happy here!
    Greetings from Bremen!
  • Rolf LuginbuehlGood thing in the name of the web design – keep it up!

    Rolf Luginbuehl

    Http://www.luginbuehl.com web design

  • WohnungsaufloesungCongratulations also from me super information and nice desingns I will definitely come back soon
  • Webdesign SaarlandAlso from us a big praise and also a thank you, for the great contributions ;-)

    To the question what we want to read: continue web design & usability, of course …

  • weblarusVery good blog. Keep it up …