Good Content on Your Homepage, equates to good SEO

What questions does a home page have to answer?

The homepage of a website is one of the most important pages. If a user has a search engine or a link to the homepage, he has questions that must be answered within a few seconds.

– What is this about?
– What does the site offer?
– What can I do here?
– Why should I be here – and not somewhere else?

These questions can be answered by text or picture on the homepage. The important thing is, however, that the questions are also answered! Again and again I see home with dennen that is not the case. So there is always the risk that the user feels lost and the questions are not answered and clicks the back button.

19 Responses to “What questions do a home page have to answer?”

  • Anders stopA few tips from me to this blog:

    The search field of this blog looks like a graphic. Have only by chance rausgefunden the one with it also can search. And I am myself web developer! This article comment form is usability technically quite well done. Why not similar or similar to the search field?


    Somehow I am missing here also a description directly on the input side of the blog. Who writes here – why is the blog at all – what infos do I get here etc

    So let’s improve ;-)

  • Don GandiGood tips.
    Will change my homepage today or tomorrow times a bit :-).
  • Andreas from HamelnAs far as SuFu is concerned, I can agree with Anders Halt, is not recognizable as such.

    Otherwise very nice tips, thanks to you.

    Greetings Andreas

  • FelixI have recognized that it ne search function is synonymous :) if it is not really optimally solved.
    Solte one at a blog also first write what it is in each respective?
  • WebbiThe home page is indeed the most important thing to the user’s eye. If the design or the text is not quite successful or too much advertising on it, then you are unsure and clicks these away. A good website is then also clicked lower when the homepage is displayed accordingly well.
  • StefanThe most important questions should not be answered with an image, at least not when a text graphics is meant. 1. Can not or does not want to see or see any images. 2. Google should synonymous ideally also what it is.
  • Andreas H.The homepage should describe the essentials of HP. Or at least a small hint to the content. But depends on whether one would rather advertise the visitors or the visitors rather rummage themselves and then decide for what or what area. Look inside and leave your weblink with me on the HP. Greeting Andreas Heiliger (webklicks)
  • Homepage workerEven if the asked 5 w questions sound so self-evident – many web designers ignore them. In my opinion, the question “Who offers here what?” On the homepage should be answered – the recognition recognizes.
  • s.schumacherI can only fully agree with this: the homepage should show at a glance, which content and what use the website offers. And to make it even more curious – within seconds.

    Often a challenge, but definitely one that should not be left to chance.

  • B.TuranSo correct selection of subject-dependent pictures, also in the header, have also a great influence ….
  • MaximIf each side answered these four simple questions, surfing and searching the internet would be more comfortable.

    “These questions can be answered by text or picture on the homepage.”

    If these questions are answered only with a picture, you should think about what the Google Bot will think of it ;).

  • EdWell summarized, the four questions should really be answered frequently.
  • Tom StrohmeierHello dear authors and readers of Blog-Webdesign.de,

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  • Matthias Steinforth, internet agencyI think starting pages on complex internet offerings go more and more davin, target groups specifically. A good example is the website http://www.swisscom.ch ; This actually comprises three starting pages (for private customers, SMEs and large customers).

    Each homepage offers its own, targeted and adapted entry into the relevant topic and also a tailored picture language.

  • Benjamin JohnIt is important that the start page is not overloaded. A few information on love of clarity quiet where different are picked up.

    Basically however the points described in the blog are completely OK

  • NewHello everybody. I would appreciate your opinion on my HP.

    Let’s say a kind of example page for here. I’ll be back soon and look forward to your comments. I also accept criticism.

  • Blog GuestbookHere I would like to provide a great guestbook for this blog here.
  • BCP DesignI find the article very interesting. Unfortunately one notices again and again that one is resting on the “old habits” …. Very good and helpful!
  • DIMCOThe pictures should be for illustrative purposes only.
    Text is my opinion more informative, and unfortunately, google does not read any pictures.