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Dance Midi Samples – Midi / Wav Samples packs for Producers
Online Property World – Worldwide property sales
Anything Equine – Online Tack Store
Her She Life – Gay Friendly Travel Directory
VIP Cosmetic Surgery – Birmingham Based Cosmetic Surgery Consultants

Here at Nu Order Webs we pride oursleves on being Adobe Professionals. We are more than capable of meeting all of your visual requirements.

Nu Order Webs can help you succeed in today’s competitive market place by assisting you to craft core messages, establish market position and help you to differentiate yourself from competition. Past work includes creating corporate identities and brand strategies for companies across a wide range of industries. From established direct marketing companies to start up eCommerce companies – Nu Order Webs have helped companies of all sizes craft, refine and represent their brands more effectively.

The web design process used at Nu Order Webs is centered on human interaction. We look at how your service and products are used by ordinary people in order to create a design which reflects your customer’s needs. We believe that only through actively designing for a human need can design be successful.


During the initial research stage we work out the details of your business. We try to understand the trends in your industry and the needs of your customers. We look at your current site to see how it is structured and look for ways to make it more effective. This information plays a significant role in developing ecommerce websites.


Brainstorming sessions are held where ideas are generated based on our research and observation. No idea is too wild and nothing gets discarded. Multiple brainstorming sessions are held to make sure we get as many ideas as possible and more importantly understand your business.


Prototypes are developed from the best ideas in order to help us visualize them. We focus on quantity—not detail—in order to test out as many design possibilities as possible. This forces us to maximize the effectiveness of the design, not the aesthetic appeal. Prototypes are tested to measure their effectiveness.


The prototypes are discussed and the best elements are selected from them. These elements are combined into two or three new, more refined, prototypes which are then presented to the client for approval.