Need Help in Creating Your Website?

Create your own website?

Or let?

This question I often get asked. Do you save money and do it yourself or save time and make a website?

Firstly, the question must be asked:
What do I need a website for?
Do I want to present myself or my company? Do I want to sell a product? What is the goal of my site and what do I want to achieve with her.

If I just want to present myself and my hobbies, upload a few photos and have a guestbook, I do not need an agency or web designer.

But if I have a product or a company and would like to be more than just a business card with my website, but would like to win customers and sell my product, then I should consider whether I commission an agency or a web designer. That costs however also then its money.

Is there a solution that costs little money and still offers the same advantages as an agency?

Yes, there are. But only in certain frames. Who wants to spend his time learning HTML or CSS? To create a layout?

But there is a solution on the Internet!
Website kit.

But be careful. Often, these kits cost money monthly and the pages do not look very professional. Here you simply have to check the existing offer and choose the best kit. Easy to use, it must be. The site must look good. And the whole thing should be best for free!

In a few days I will publish a list of the building kits and write my opinion.

Disclosure : Yes, I work with Jimdo, but this has little to do with this article.